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We're dedicated to your health! Learn how we're empowering you to make healthy food, nutrition, and lifestyle choices.

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Do you have a dietary intolerance or an allergy? Do you follow a special diet? SMU Dining offers free consultations with our Registered Dietitian, Kelly Munroe. Make your appointment by contacting Kelly today.

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Dining on campus is a quintessential part of the overall university experience! We make it a great experience at all our locations and our many retail locations with hours of operation, menus, nutritional information, Catering ordering, Sustainability practices and more!

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This is your one stop shop to hacking on campus dining! Saint Mary’s Dining is committed to providing all diners with the resources they need to eat healthfully and be more informed about their choices. We invite you to dine with us, and use these dining hacks to better utilize the resources we have available, and make the most of your dining experience! From online menus to boxed lunches, these are the top things you need to know when coming to dine with us here at SMU! 

Meal Plans

Did you know, you don't have to be in residence to have a meal plan! Commuter plans from as low as $165 - all plans come with flex dollars! For more information about meal plans check out our online guide or our meal plan brochure here


Meal Plan Members get a Free $15 Late Night Delivery Coupon! Make sure you pick up your coupon each semester at the Aramark Food Services Office located in Loyola 206! 

Fresh Made Smoothies!

Fresh Smoothies at the  Jumping Bean!


Our smoothies are made to order with fresh whole ingredients! With 3 delicious flavors to choose from, there is always a delicious

and nutritious option available to go on campus! 

Show us on your smoothie on Instagram or Twitter with #SMUthie - you may get a sweet treat out of it! 

Vegan Green
Spinach, pear, kale, banana, orange                      
Pineapple, orange, banana, Greek yogurt 

Carrot Ginger   

Carrot, fresh ginger, pineapple, dates, orange

We are committed to promoting your health, as well as the health of the environment, our communities, and our planet at large! Throughout our foodservice operations Saint Mary's University we consider the impacts of what we purchase; how we operate; how we manage waste; and the transportation we rely on everyday. Sourcing and serving more local, responsible and sustainable foods is an integral part of this commitment and can help support local farms and businesses, environmentally responsible farming, fair labour conditions for workers, humane care for livestock, and protect the vitality of farmland, wildlife and ocean habitats.