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Our Food Services Office is located 923 Robie Street, 2nd floor Loyola Building in Loyola 206, Halifax, NS,  B3H 3C3

We are here to help make your dining a real experience, we are happy to help in any way we can!  


If you are looking to purchase or make changes to your meal plan, please contact the Food Service Office. 

You can now add on flex dollars, purchase commuter meal plans, and dining cards online

For allergies, intolerances, or special diets please contact our Dietitian Kelly Munroe.



Joe Makary

Food Service Director

e: makary-joe@aramark.ca

p: 902-420-5603

Belva Hawkins

Office Manager

e: dining@smu.ca

p: 902-420-5602

Blair Struthers

Executive Chef

e: struthers-blair@aramark.ca

p: 902-420-8192

Chad Oxner

Catering & Operations Manager

e: catering@smu.ca

p: 902-420-5604 or 902-420-5159

Tanya Lorimer-Charles

Retail Manager


p: 902-496-8297

Kelly Munroe, RD

Registered Dietitian, Nutrition, Marketing and OH&S Manager

e: dietitian@smu.ca

p: 902-496-8121