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What We're Doing
Check SUSTAINABLE FOOD: We are committed to promoting your health, as well as the health of the environment, our communities, and our planet!

Throughout our foodservice operations here at SMU we consider the impacts of what we purchase; how we operate; how we manage waste; and the transportation we rely on everyday.

Sourcing and serving more local, responsible and sustainable foods is an integral part of this commitment and can help support local farms and businesses, environmentally responsible farming, fair labour conditions for workers, humane care for livestock, and protect vitality of farmland, wildlife and ocean habitats.

Check SUSTAINABLE Purchasing Local Food & Supporting Local Business:
    -Fish from Green Island Fisheries
    -Sushi from Bento Nouveau Sushi
    -Beef from Atlantic Beef
    -Samosas from Staff of Life Healthfood 
    ...and Many More!

    Fair Trade Coffee: Just Us! Fair Trade & Organic Coffee and ARAMARK’s coffeECOmpany; which is Fair Trade Coffee.

    Meatless Mondays: In the Dockside we celebrate meatless mondays at Pan Geo's by featuring meatless options during lunch and dinner! This is to promote reducing the risk of chronic diseases, as well as reducing our carbon footprint and saving the earth's resources such as water and fossil fuel. For more information check out meatlessmonday.com.

    Condiments: Using Bulk Condiments instead of individual portion packs whenever feasible!

Check SERVICE WARE/ PACKAGING: Trayless Dining: The Dockside dining hall has eliminated trays; decreasing food waste, conserving water, energy and reducing chemical use.

Reusable Cutlery/Glassware: Fresh Food Company at the Dockside dining hall provides re-useable cutlery and glassware. Classic Fare Catering provides this in addition to china, thereby reducing the amount of single use disposable waste.

Biodegradable Packaging: On-campus serviceware made from renewable resources where possible. Find biodegradable sandwich wedges, plates, take-out containers, soup bowls,coffee cups,and cutlery!

Reusable Mug Program: Offering a $0.25 discount at the Atrium and a $0.10 discount at any other ARAMARK location when using an Enviro/Reusable Mug.

Napkin Dispenser: Dispense only one napkin at a time! This Saves on wasting handfuls of unused napkins.

Non-Bleached Napkins: On Campus napkins are non-bleached and environmentally friendly.

Check WASTE MANAGEMENT: Recycling Stations: ARAMARK's goal is to reduce the amount of solid matter that enters the waste stream. Recycling bins are located in all facilities from kitchen production to dining areas, which makes recycling convenient for employees and customers. ARAMARK recycles glass, plastic, tin & compost for you!

Fryer Oil Program: ARAMARK's fryer oil is converted into bio diesel and animal feed!

Check CLEANING SUPPLIES: ECOLAB, CLEANER. SAFER. HEALTHIER.: ECOLAB provides products in concentrated, solid formulations with innovative packaging and dispensing methods, which lower water and energy use and reduce chemicals and waste released into the environment. We use Green Seal Certified and Environmentally Better products here at SMU.

Check ENERGY CONSERVATION: Energy Saving Practices: Operating with energy saving equipment, lighting, water conserving and more!